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NY Doctor Profile Here, you can find the history of thousands of NY-based doctors, including education, malpractice losses, hospital restrictions and criminal records.

Clinical Trials Search this free database of experimental trials to find treatment options even your doctor may not know about.

America Doctor At this site you can get information based on health conditions, use a drug encyclopedia and dictionary, or use the Aok the Doc feature.

American Heart Association Web Site Includes information on healthy living through nutrition and exercise, warning signs of heart problems, scientific information and news, and what you can do to show your support.

American Medical Association Features a Doctor finder, upcoming events, information on medical legislation, the latest in medicine and health research, as well as general health and fitness information.

CBS Health Watch This medical site is oriented toward both the casual user and serious researchers. Features include a large collection of health news articles, a library with a comprehensive array of sources and a drug directory.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention In addition to finding information on infectious disease, you can search health topics and get travelers' health information.

InteliHealth This site contains a comprehensive collection of consumer health information. Includes featured health areas, diseases and conditions, drug information, and a medical dictionary.

MedicineNet This site contains comprehensive medical information covering diseases and conditions, procedures and tests, medications, healthy living, and a medical dictionary.

Medline plus This site, a service of the National Library of Medicine, includes health topics, drug information, dictionaries, directories, and other resources.

Medscape is an authoritative voice of medical news and information on the web.

Web MD A popular medical site that includes both health and wellness information.

   Elder Care

Elder Care
A resource offering tips, support and guidance in finding the best care solution.


Cyberdiet This site focuses on adopting a health lifestyle. There is a Self-Assessment, Diet and Nutrition, Exercise and Fitness, Support and Motivation, and a Resource section. This comprehensive fitness site includes the following sections: Healthy Living, Athletic Performance, Shape and Tone, Interactive Fitness, and Celebrity Profiles.

Shape Up America! This web site is designed to provide you with the latest information about safe weight management and physical fitness.

   Alternative Medicine

Alternative Health News
This site, run by journalist Frank Grazian, offers articles and links on preventive medicine as well as nutrition.

Ask Dr. Weil This is the Dr. Weil known to PBS viewers. The focus of this site is: food as medicine. The featured attraction is a daily question and answer with Dr. Weil, but there are good resources for a healthier lifestyle. This is a commercial site, but contains good educational tools. The site features a large encyclopedia with six interactive tools: health concerns, herbal remedies, drug interactions, nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies and diets, and therapies.

WholeHealthMD This alternative health site includes an Interactive Healing Center, the Healing Kitchen, a Reference Library, Ask our Experts, News and Perspectives, and Online Shopping.

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KidsHealth This site with kid centered medical information has material for parents, kids and teens.

The I'm Safe! Network is dedicated to providing information to help parents and their children make smart choices to avoid unintentional injury.



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