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Spyware Removal/Protection

We will remove spyware from your computer and provide protection from future attacks and pop-up advertising.

More Information:

Spyware can get into a computer through a virus, program installation - usually freeware, placement by someone, or by visiting certain websites. Once in a computer, spyware mines, or collects, information about the user and relays this information elsewhere, often to advertising companies. In addition to distributing personal data, spyware slows your computer, uses computer resources, clutters your registry (which can cause software errors), and uses bandwidth to run advertising processes. Spyware often results in pop-up advertising being sent to your computer.

Our service will assist in:

  • Protecting your Internet history and private data
  • Eliminating and/or reducing pop-up advertising
  • Freeing up computer resources and network

Our technicians will:

  • Locate and remove spyware
  • Repair or remove infected programs
  • Install or update spyware protection software
  • Clear your registry of spyware infiltration

Optional Services:

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