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Computer Tune-Up and Optimization Package

This service provides a comprehensive tune-up to ensure that your computer is updated and performing at an optimal level.

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A tune-up, or optimization, will help to keep your computer performing at an optimal level. If your computer is already running slower or not performing quite as well as it used to, it might need a tune-up. The following are included in a computer tune-up:

  • Startup/ Background optimization:
    • Removes unnecessary programs that startup and run in the background
  • Defragmentation:
    • Defragmentation of the hard drive reorganizes the hard drive; a fragmented hard drive causes slow performance
  • Disc check:
    • Checks for and clears out errors on the hard drive
  • Clearing of temporary files:
    • These accumulate from visiting websites and working with programs such as Microsoft Office Word
  • Registry Cleanup/ Optimization
    • Cleans up invalid entries that accumulate
  • Remove factory default programs
    • Remove programs that came with the computer and that you do not use
  • Check for and remove viruses and update virus software
  • Remove spyware and update spyware protection
  • Dust Cleaning
    • Dust inside your computer can cause overheating
  • Window Update:
    • Provides protection from new security and virus threats

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