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Network Level Firewall Setup and Troubleshooting

We will setup or troubleshoot a network level firewall to protect your computers from attackers.

More Information:

What is a Firewall?
A firewall is an application that controls and filters the data packets that flow to and from your computer network and the internet. It defines access policies between your computer and the Internet, protecting your network from attackers.

Do I need a Firewall?
Attackers use techniques such as pinging, operating system finger-printing, and port scans as probes when looking for computers to attack. Firewalls block these techniques, or probes, and other intrusion or denial of service attacks by rejecting incoming data packets that were not requested by your computer. Applications that have infected your computer, like viruses, can use your internet connection to send the attacker information from your computer. That is why it is important to have a firewall that filters outbound as well as inbound traffic.

What will BestWeb do?
Our technicians will setup or troubleshoot a network firewall designed to protect one or more computers. The firewall is usually integrated with your router, but can be a separate device.

Optional Services:

We can Check or Install Firewalls on your computers.
We can confirm your Wireless Network Security.
We can provide a Security Package.

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