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Wired/Wireless Device Recommendations

We will make network device recommendations based on your networking needs.

More Information:

Our technicians will make recommendations based on your needs and the performance, reliability, and cost of the network device. We will also consider warranty and service/support provided by the manufacturer. The devices that we offer recommendations on include:

Wireless Devices
  • Wireless network adapters (also called wireless NICs or Wireless Network Cards)
  • Wireless routers
  • Access points
  • Wireless antennas
  • Signal boosters
Wired Devices
  • Switches
  • Cables
  • Routers
  • Modems

If desired, we will offer advice on whether a wired or wireless network would be more beneficial for your situation, taking into account network speed, security, ease of running cables, range of the network, and your networking needs.

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