BestWeb Techs FAQ

Q: What services does BestWeb Techs provide?

BestWeb provides complete computer, hardware, peripheral, software, operating system, network, and Internet services. For services, click HERE.

Q: Does BestWeb, need to be my Internet provider for me to use BestWeb Techs?

No. BestWeb can troubleshoot Internet connectivity and email, setup wireless Internet access, and enable connection sharing regardless of who your Internet provider is.

Q:Where do you provide the service?

Service can be provided at your location, BestWeb’s location (25 South Riverside Avenue, Croton on Hudson, NY) or by telephone.

Q:If I bring my computer to your location, will you assist me in bringing it inside?

Yes. Come into our office or call from the parking lot, and a technician will be glad to bring your computer in.

Q:What is remote service?

If service is being provided by telephone and you have a high-speed Internet connection, you can choose to have BestWeb connect to your computer remotely. You initiate and terminate the connection; once you terminate the connection, BestWeb cannot access your computer unless you initiate a new connection.

Q:Do you provide set appointment times?

Yes. If you choose to have service provided at your location, we will schedule a specific time with you, not a time-window.

Q:Does BestWeb offer service plans?

Yes. BestWeb offers monthly and yearly service plans that provide support at a fixed cost.

Q:Does the price for service vary depending on where the service is delivered?

Yes. There is a nominal fee for travel to your location.

Q:Is there a discount for multiple services ordered?

Yes. BestWeb offers service packages at a discounted rate for services performed on the same visit. If you need multiple services that we do not have a package for, you can order them together and receive a discount.

Q:What payment methods are accepted?

BestWeb accepts credit cards, checks, and cash.

Q:Do you sell computers, hardware, periphals, or software?

BestWeb can provide the hardware (which is usually stocked by BestWeb) or the hardware can be provided by the customer. BestWeb also provides recommendations on computers and computer related equipment and will aslo make the purchase for you.

Q:Are your technicians knowledgeable?

Yes. BestWeb technicians are trained in all aspects of computer and network setup, maintenance, and repair. Technicians also have expertise in Internet connectivity.